Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dessert Report

Today's post is about the dessert I made because the dinners I made yesterday and tonight were both things I've made and reported on--pizza and stir fry. However, tonight's dessert was a thing born from necessity. The necessity to do something with the milk before it went bad.

     My mom buys Strauss non-fat milk. It's organic milk from a Northern California dairy where all the cows are happy California cows. They are grass-fed and pasture raised, so the milk is a little different from everyday milk (read expensive). Here's the thing about Strauss milk though. As the days go by, it starts to get sweet. There's a point, based on how sweet it tastes, at which I know that in another day or so the milk will go bad. That day was today. I didn't want to waste almost 3 cups of milk, so I knew I had to do something with it.

     Pudding! I like pudding. I even like the boxed stuff. Unfortunately, we didn't have any of the boxed stuff, so I was out of luck. But wait...people made pudding before Jello ever started boxing the stuff. What to do? Ah, the internet, I love you (even though sometimes you infuriate me.) I found a recipe for Chocolate pudding made with cocoa and cornstarch (I had both of those things!). It also called for sugar (check), milk (duh), salt, butter, and vanilla (just a little of the last 3).

     The recipe did take some effort, but it wasn't complicated. It just took some time. I am not renowned for my patience; I always want to hurry things up. This sometimes leads to unpleasant results when cooking. I managed to be patient this time, and it was worth it. The pudding came out creamy and chocolate-y with the added bonus of being low-fat and without any preservatives or weird food additives.


  1. Yummmmm Pudding is one of my favorite desserts.....

  2. This kind of choc pudding beats the socks off of that box stuff any day. I grew up making this stuff. Tapioca is my 2nd fav.

  3. Speaking of milk I just thought of something. You could get the really really expensive raw cream and attempt to make honest to goodness clotted cream with scones. Yum... could be an interesting project.

  4. Yeah, Missy, that would be awesome. You can't make clotted cream from ultra-pasteurized cream, but it's nearly impossible to find raw cream in the stores. I bet you could get some from your dairy where you get the raw milk from.